The ‘Senjari Rangers’, protectors of shrines FUNDRAISING PART 1

Today the Senjari Rangers began fashioning bracelets to aid in the effort to rebuild Sulsaemit Shrine. Tomorrow we start the process of cleaning out the shrine. Several fundraising ideas are in the works and further planning for the actual reconstruction of the shrine will happen as these get under way. 10995827_10153079544997878_2635714103934800590_n

Sen jari is an expression in Jeju-eothe Unesco-recognized, endangered, native language of the island, than means ‘strong seat’. Gods in Jeju are said to be ‘seated’ in shrines. Go Grandmother Goddess and Kim Grandfather God are two of the gods ‘seated’ in Sulsaemit shrine. A sen jari is a particularly strong shrine. Sulsaemit shrine has been a particularly revered ‘seat of gods’ over the centuries. See this quote by Mun Mu Byoung, one of Jeju’s foremost scholars of traditional culture:

10360855_790567917665672_3691153425242044845_n The Korean: 10352954_790526434336487_4596872785851620643_nThe story continues tomorrow. I will be documenting our cleaning effort. 14058_10153079543997878_4854280356103857676_n 10292202_10153079544177878_6167718711062421158_n

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