A Guide to Shamanism on Jeju Island, Part Two: Post Four: Baekjjudo’s Sons

Baekjuddo and Seochunguk’s eighteen sons are great mountain deities in their villages.

These gods, the hunter lords of the mountain, are often paired with powerful goddesses. In some cases, these ‘couple gods’ or bubaegan/bubushin reside in seperate, but nearby shrines.

A shrine-goer stands before the Grandfather God’s altar at Waheul Village. The altar is dedicated to one of Baekjuddo and Seocheonguk’s sons.

Shamans lead rituals dedicated to these gods in lunar January, on the 14th day of the month. These ceremonies are significant events, drawing on the efforts and resources of the whole village. During the ceremony, shamans convene with the spirits of the shrine gods to deliver the year’s divination and blessings. Great amounts of offering goods are prepared according to each gods’ personal taste. Villagers pray for their families, their own prosperity and common good for the village.

At the climax of such rituals, the grandfather mountain god, possessing the shaman’s body, strides around the shrine like a great hunter, casting blessings unto all in the village.

A shrine rite dedicated to Baekjuddo and Seocheonguk’s tenth son (2010)

Residents of Waheul Village gather for a ceremony dedicated to Baekjuddo and Seocheonguk’s 10th son and his wife, the goddess Danimaegi (above)

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