Jeju’s Shrines Under Attack #2/ Yerae

Check out the first post of this series HERE: Jeju’s Shrines Under Attack #1/ Tears in Seongsan Village After writing the above post on the shamanic shrine that was destroyed in Seongsan Village, an act which left Jeju Island’s famed women divers without a sanctuary in which to pray, I come across yet another disappeared shrine. Like…

Jeju’s Shrines Under Attack #1/ Tears in Seongsan Village

In the winter of 2013, Sulsaemit Shrine, a traditional place of worship for followers of Jeju Island’s native shamanic religion, was deliberately desecrated at the hands of unknown culprits. I have written about our group’s (the Senjari Rangers) efforts to restore this natural sanctuary where people in the area have worshipped for some hundreds of…

Sulsaemit Shrine First Victory/ Surprising Advice from Great Shaman

Sulsaemit Shrine, the shamanic shrine that was deliberately desecrated last year on Jeju Island, South Korea is now clean thanks to the efforts of the some seventeen participants. It’s been just over a week since the call to action to restore the shrine to its prior condition and we can already celebrate an initial victory….

The ‘Senjari Rangers’, protectors of shrines. FUNDRAISING PART 2

Some photos from today’s meeting. Local Jeju citizens and expats gathered to start creating the bracelets made from the desecrated holy trees of Sulsaemit shrine. We’re on course to rebuild Sulsaemit shrine, restoring a small part of Jeju Island’s deeper identity and possibly delivering some elderly members of the local community from yet another heartbreak….

The ‘Senjari Rangers’, protectors of shrines FUNDRAISING PART 1

Today the Senjari Rangers began fashioning bracelets to aid in the effort to rebuild Sulsaemit Shrine. Tomorrow we start the process of cleaning out the shrine. Several fundraising ideas are in the works and further planning for the actual reconstruction of the shrine will happen as these get under way. Sen jari is an expression in Jeju-eo, the Unesco-recognized, endangered,…