A Guide to Shamanism on Jeju Island, Post Nine: Snake Shrines

Snake deity worship is not limited only to the pantries and gardens of Jeju Island homes. There are also village shrines dedicated to the worship of serpents—whose origins differ from that of the Chilseong gods.

These deities play the role of shrine deities, like those found in all Jeju villages. In the case of these serpent deities—in Jocheon or Naedo Village, for instance, women divers leave offerings to ensure their protection while working at sea in treacherous waters.

The snake deities worshipped at shrines each have their own unique origins, a few examples of which I will cover in following posts.

Joey Rositano is a writer and visual artist currently based in South Korea. He has produced a documentary on the shamanism of Jeju Island which is available now, below for more details. 


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