A Guide to Shamanism on Jeju Island, Post Five: The House Gods Redux

The Gods of the Munjeon Epic Redux:

Yeosan Buin—The Hearth Goddess, protects Jeju women in their daily lives, gives them strength to manage their work and their families, her epic serves to reinforce the independent spirit needed to overcome hardship and survive as an island woman

Namseonbi—the compost shed god, the father of the Munjeon god, the Hearth Goddess’s husband

Nokdisaengin—the Munjeon, the Door God, a very important deity on Jeju Island, protects the household, through teachings around his epic we learn how to live properly within the nuclear family and to take initiative in difficult situations

Noiljadae Gwiil’s Daughter—the outhouse goddess, very much a villain of Jeju mythology, her dissected body is the origin of much of the sea life the women divers harvest

Nokdisaengin’s brothers—the gods of the various rooms of the house, the back door, and god of the path to the house

Joey Rositano is a writer and visual artist currently based in South Korea. He has produced a documentary on the shamanism of Jeju Island which is available now, below for more details. 


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