The Photobook is out!!! Spirits: Jeju Island’s Shamanic Shrines Take a look inside!

My photo book containing selections from my four-year exploration of Jeju Island’s shamanic culture is hot off the press and ready for order.  ORDER HERE  I’ve spent four years interviewing hundreds of people about the endangered practice of muism on Jeju Island. The photo book is a companion to my upcoming film on the same topic. The book features 230 full-color pages along with writings about my experiences of Jeju shamanism. Some sample pages: IMG_0336

Weoljeong Village-Upper Shrine 월정리
Shincheon Village’s Yeongdeung Grandfather God Ceremony
Shincheon Village’s Yeongdeung Grandfather Ceremony
Joining the famed divers of Jeongdal Village for a diving trip.
Ceremony for the Goddess GeumbaekJu, the Mother Figure of Jeju’s Shrine Gods–Songdang Village
Greeting One Another at the Shrine
Seolsaemit Shrine was Desecrated in 2014

Last year, Seolsaemit Shrine was desecrated. Locals and expats joined together to start repairing the shrine. To read more about our efforts to save the shrine check out this post. (above)

A Jeju shaman performs the myths of her village for shrine-goers.
Waheul Village Bonhyang Shrine, Summer Ceremony

Waheul Village’s Bonhyang Shrine, one of the island’s most beautiful shrines. (above)   For more images and book trailer: HERE

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