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Jeju Jive 12.21.2014 – The Magical Jeju Bohos



Jeju Sori 11.29.2014 – 제주 신화에 미친(?) 미국 청년 “너무 특별해”



Jemin 10.16.2014 제주 ‘어른시대’가 궁금했어요



Kickstarter 05.22.2013 – At Search for Spirits on the Island of Rocks, Wind and Women

Lady talking


Jeju World 02.07.2013 – New documentary a ‘last chance’ to hear about Jeju shaman folk culture first hand

A woman diver demonstrates how to pray to the Grandmother Snake Spirit.


Busan Haps 02.03.2014 – Fascinating Documentary on Korean Traditional Shamanism Set for Release

I feel the god's spirit


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